Body Machine Electrolysis

Ever heard of it?

If your answer is no, we wouldn’t be surprised. There are very few salons in Australia that have the capacity and the knowledge in this kind of technology and Depilation and Skincare is one of those few.

At Depilation and Skincare we have a multi probe electrolysis machine. It is made up of 16 electrolysis probes connected to a single machine. This means that two therapists are able to work on larger areas together. Resulting in faster and more effective body treatments.

This technology can be used to treat hair that can not be otherwise treated with IPL or laser because of the nature of the hair (hormonal vs. terminal), or for the fine hair that is sometimes left over after a course of permanent hair reduction treatments. Electrolysis can treat any hair colour on any skin type, unlike IPL and laser treatments in which skin and hair colour need to be of a very particular order. We can also achieve that ‘totally bald’ result for you on any and every part of the body.