LaMav Sunless Tanning

Depskin would like to introduce you to LaMav’s new range of Organic Sunless Tanning Products infused with Magnesium – Bronze!

Bronze by La Mav is 100% natural, certified organic, cruelty free, toxic free, vegan, Australian made and infused with magnesium. Providing a potent, results driven organic alternative with the benefits of repair, restoration and rejuvenation of skin at the cellular level while creating a golden glow on your skin.

Included in the range are a LIGHT and MEDIUM gradual tanning moisturiser, self tan dry oil (Sara’s favourite), an anti-ageing face tan serum and a tan extender. All delivering a beautiful natural bronze colour along with 30mg of magnesium for transdermal absorption per application. We also have great support products in the range like the summer skin salt scrub and the exfoliating mitt to refresh your skin and create the perfect base for even application.

Why have La Mav incorporated Magnesium in their tanning range? 

Magnesium chloride has been specifically incorporated in the range due to the health and anti-ageing benefits. Topical application of magnesium allows for better absorption than oral methods, making application of the bronze range directly on your skin perfect for optimising your intake. Magnesium also supports collagen and elastin production – which let’s face it we could all use.


Come in store and talk to one of our staff members about which products are best for you and LIVE an Endless Summer of bronzed skin.