IPL hair removal VS Waxing.

IPL VS Waxing.

The benefit of IPL hair removal (as opposed to waxing) is that you’re working towards a seriously decreased growth of hair. Depending on your skin colour and hair colour will depend on your result! Therefore results are extremely individual and this is why a full consultation is required, we at Depskin can actually give you an estimate of the result in the consultation. Click here to know what we do in the consultation and ongoing treatments.

Also cost!! Even though the initial outlay of cost for IPL hair removal will seem quite a lot. Compared to on-going waxing cost, it is actually more cost effective than waxing!

Waxing Prices VS IPL Prices

Bikini and Underarm WAX =  $55 @ 6 weekly for 4 years = $1760
compared with…
Bikini and Underarm IPL= $200 X 8 IPL’s = $1600

1/2 Leg and Bikini WAX = $50 @ 5 weekly for 5 years = $2500
compared with…
1/2 Leg and Bikini IPL= $340 X 8 IPL’s = $2720

Lip WAX = $20 @ 4 weekly for 2 years = $520
compared with…
Lip IPL = $60 X 6 IPL = $360

NOTE: Lip because it is hormonal, the IPL of 6 sessions will weaken the hair big time, but not completely kill it. Generally maintenance sessions will be needed every 2-3 months. Killing the hair with electrolysis after IPL, as the hair is so weak, electrolysis is very quick and effective.
If the hair does not require IPL hair removal because the hair is not tough or dark enough, then we just start electrolysis straight away. Click here for our blogs on electrolysis hair removal.

Another benefit of IPL over waxing is you don’t ever have to wait for the hair to grow out so you can wax it! Ingrowns will be gone too, forever!