5 Concealer Mistakes to Avoid.

How great is concealer?

I mean we don’t want to look like a photoshopped robot but it is a miracle product when you’ve that uber-pimple that shows up THE day of the big first date OR that sudden flush of redness that shows up when you’re feeling lovely and Springy and your body is feeling all mid-Spring-bloom-hay-fever-season.

You get the idea… But! Sometimes these following mistakes make concealer actually look like it’s really out there for the world to see and completely un-does what you’re trying to achieve:

1. Using the wrong shade.

Somehow you’ve got the (wrong) impression that a ultra light concealer gets rid of everything…. ummm no!

Pimples – Use a shade that will match your skin perfectly. Mineral makeups do have very effective concealers like your traditional liquid or putty, on top of this mineral foundation powder can be used as a concealer where by you dot it onto the spot using a concealer brush or tips of your finger (mineral is inert – will not create bacteria).

Dark Circles – We can use a shade that is slightly lighter to your tone.

Red Veins/Redness – You can use your own mineral powder and dab it on after you have applied your mineral makeup and then blend it in.

2. Using the wrong formula.

Certain concealer consistencies will really stick and then there are some that have more of a highlighting effect depending on which you require.

Any imperfections including pimples/sunspots will require a concealer that will not budge. A concealer like a putty is good for this, a concealer pen can be used on this too.

The concealer pens with in-built brushes are also easy for under the eyes/dark spots there which can be put just under your mineral foundation or over the top of a liquid foundation.  This will lift this area to not look so deep.

3. Using Your Products in the Wrong Order.

Liquid foundation or CC creams (eg: like our O Mineral Pro Zinc) definitely go first. Then the concealer is placed where it is needed. – Clients can then put their mineral powder over the top if they prefer, though this is not always required, often clients want a lighter feel.. Mineral Pro can go on and just leave that as your “foundation” let it settle and start adding bronzer and blush, no powder.

Powder foundation – It is the complete opposite. Your primer or moisturiser is your base.. then you can put your concealer onto the required areas and then mineral powder will grab onto this.

4. Using too much or too little Concealerbefore and after concealer doncaster

Getting the right amount is crucial, too much and you’ll be concealing the whole chin, too little and it doesn’t conceal!

Start with a small amount and apply with a brush, work it slowly, tapping, not “shoving” it into the skin. It should start to cover the intended area meanwhile blending as if it weren’t there. Then make like Monet and step back and see if you need more or if it is obvious. It shouldn’t be an obvious spot.

5. Using Fingers at the Wrong Time

Fingers are okay under the eyes, the light massaging combined with the warmth  from your fingers helps to blend it in a natural way to not look like there is pool of product sitting there.

On a pimple fingers are a no no! Definitely not on a pimple, where it is hard to manage the product for one, but also a clean brush is ideal will not add bacteria to the already infected area. Probably goes without saying – clean your brushes after use on pimples.

mii concealer pen