Spray Tan

Apple going brown and Tanning our skin! Same thing..? YES, yes it is actually!

You want a glorious flawless tan, just like you want your makeup to sit on flawlessly right!? How bout thinking about your skin and just making that flawless, then everything might just fall into place!spray tan doncaster 1

That dead skin that is riddling your entire body with perfect-potential-for-patchy-orange-spray-tan-jobs! So why? It’s not just about the loofah, yes this helps to do regularly cos the skin is constantly forming daily and falling off daily but we use certain parts less frequently, like my inner arm always holds onto tan if I do nada!

But there’s all the different foods, environment and hormones that do their part too! I mean why are you moody when you have got your period, it’s the changes in our body that make your emotions less tolerable… The skin doesn’t get out of it, Everything that goes in will by way of push out of our body. Our body takes what it wants and shoves out what it doesn’t want…. Through ya wee, ya skin, ya sweat……

If I high 5 you, guess what?! you just got my dead skin on you!! HAHA!!!! Well, whatever you say, because if it weren’t there the slap would be painful, like walking around with nooooo dead skin on our feet, it ain’t fun and I know cos I went like a mofo one day with my feet-cheese-grater when I was a crazy young eager beauty therapist… and an ignorant one to boot!

So the rest of your body? Yeah it’s covered in dead skin cells ready to fall off today, and then tomorrow, and at a constant rate over ya whole life! That slows down….damn it whhhyyy!!!??? 🙁

It’s a protective barrier to protect you from stuff coming in, UV by way of tan and hardening, free radicals by way of antioxidants, bacteria by way of washing-you filthy animal!