• Depskin Events THERAPIST PROFILE: Sara

    September 2015 will see Sara celebrate her 7th year at Depskin and we are so glad she is part of the family. Starting out as a waxer back in the day she has climbed the ranks and has been trained by some of Depskin’s alumni, including Monika and Vera. Sara originally boosted eyebrow and lash […] Read more

  • Depskin Events Wedding Prep Part 1 – Red Vein Removal

    So, as many of you know my wedding is coming up and like all brides-to-be I have begun to take that list of things that need to be done and started to make them into hard appointments, so as I look as uber perfect as possible. Now I am luckier then most brides-to-be as I have an […] Read more

  • Depskin Events Cancellations with Depskin!

    We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, things can go wrong or a double booking can be made, however we usually have notice of these things happening and can adjust our lives to suit the situation. Our staff at Depilation work very hard to make sure that your appointment times and services are […] Read more

  • Depskin Events 30 day AB challenge?

    So we understand that this is not strictly ‘beauty’ related, however Sara, Mary and Monika (not that one!), have decided to cheer each other on for a 30 day ab challenge for the first month of spring. We have taken measurements of our roundest part and our ‘before’ photos and are about to start. The […] Read more

  • Depskin Events Like Us on Facebook!

    To get all the “Depskin” inside scoops and information like Depskin on Facebook We also hold regular competitions for all to get involved and win prizes!! Read more

  • Depskin Events Slow down aging + Stimulate your collagen production by 42% in one treatment!?

    Pigmentation before IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation works by penetrating deeply into the skin to stimulate new collagen growth and to promote the shedding of damaged tissue. Independent clinical research has shown that treatment with IPL at low energies can increase collagen production by 42% in one treatment! This often helps boost the skin’s regenerative processes, meaning […] Read more

  • Depskin Events Essential Vitamins and Minerals – help with teen stress, diets and skin!

    You made sure they took their vitamins when they were little, so don’t stop providing them with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—especially during this critical stage of development. The Usana Body rox: Provide essential vitamins and minerals during a critical stage of growth and development* Offer an unparalleled range of antioxidants for protection against oxidative […] Read more

  • Depskin Events Teen Skin – How to battle with teen skin?

    This blog has everything a teenager needs to know to keep their skin healthy! Click on the highlighted links to get more info! Teen Skin is definitely tricky because there’s a fine line between doing too much and doing too little. One thing’s for sure what we use on our skin can work either with […] Read more

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