• Injectibles Sclerotherapy

    We have had some very happy customers, namely a customer that had their veins done surprisingly on her back. Yes, it’s not just the legs that suffer from the pressure, back does too, water pressure believe it or not, if you are so inclined can result in those deeper spider veins on the back and […] Read more

  • Injectibles Quality Anti- Wrinkle Injections

    Anti wrinkle Injections can have most people instantly think fish pouts, duck lips and squinty eyes of Hollywood but a skilled professional will do the complete opposite where the difference is there but not detectable. Its so important to know suitable placement of the anti-wrinkle injections. Moreoever when it is put in, being gentle means a lot less downtime. […] Read more

  • Injectibles Anti-Wrinkle Injections

    As most of you now know, we are now fortunate enough to have Dermal Fillers & anti – wrinkle Injections added to Depskin’s list of services.  Our Injectibles professional, Dr Michael Yeo (MB.BS , FRACGP) has been practicing medicine for 30 years. He has extensive knowledge in the treatment of cosmetic medicine, facial enhancement, skin […] Read more

  • Injectibles Information on dermal fillers.

    Dermal fillers are used to restore volume to subcutaneous facial tissue. The areas commonly treated are lips, cheeks and around the mouth (nasolabial and marionette lines). most dermal fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found in the human connective tissue (under the skin, in tendons and other areas). The different products […] Read more

  • Injectibles Cost Guideline for Cosmetic Procedures at Depskin

    Fuller upper face anti-wrinkle treatment (forehead/frown lines and crow’s feet) $350 Dermal fillers (lips, cheeks and around the mouth/chin) approx $450 per ml of filler, depending on site and product used. Generally a ml is the max used. Silhouette absorbable subcutaneous threading $1200 Sclerotherapy for spider veins (using 20% saline and Fibrovein) approx $200 per […] Read more

  • Injectibles Facial Injections

    What is possible with injectibles!? There is way more than you think these days. Even lifting a line half way down the face by plumping up another area is the go! It’s fantastic! Depskin has a doctor come to do treatments – REGISTER YOUR INTEREST ASAP 9852 4999 – we can let you know. Read more

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