• Product of the Week La Mav Organic Bio-Active Concealer

    We all know what a concealer does for those dark areas around our eyes, or the couple of spots that have come up over night. However, what if you could pair the  perfect concealer with anti-aging benefits? The very smart people at La Mav have done just that in the Organic Bio-active Concealer. This light […] Read more

  • Product of the Week Mii Cosmetics Brow Pencil Review

      I tend to only review products I love. Brow pencils, good ones, are very hard to come by. If you are penciling in your brows you also need a brow brush which is why I’m happy with Mii Cosmetics brow pencil which has a brow brush on the other end of the pencil. I […] Read more

  • Product of the Week The newest addition to our skin care range… Elucent Skin Care

    Here at Depskin we pride ourselves on being up to date on all things going on in the beauty industry. We are always on the look out for better solutions, treatments and skincare and as such, we are thrilled to announce that we are taking part in an Australia wide product trial… It involves a […] Read more

  • Product of the Week Product of the week – THE RIFFI MITT!

    THE RIFFI MITT! When i sat down today to write “product of the week” this week, it suddenly dawned on me that I had forgotten the most IMPORTANT product of all that we stock here at Depilation and Skin Care… The Mitt! We have stocked the Original Riffi “massage” mitt for around 16 years now […] Read more

  • Product of the Week Product of the week! Rice Bran Polisher.

    Over winter, our skin tends to build up layers of dry dead skin cells, due to the environment of constant heating and lack of proper exfoliation/care (we all tend to hibernate just a little bit, don’t we?). Regular exfoliation can help remove this layer of cells and maintain a youthful appearance. RICE BRAN POLISHER is […] Read more

  • Product of the Week Sense – Firming Body Nourisher!!

    Our product of the week this week is the Sense Firming body nourisher. FIRMING BODY NOURISHER contains many skin-specific plant extracts to hydrate, firm, nourish, and soften the skin.Echinacea and centella asiatica tighten the skin and maintain elasticity. Shea butter, mallow, and Irish moss act as intense moisturizers and skin softeners, while glycolic and salicylic acid […] Read more

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