Dealing with Winter on your Hair and Skin?

Skin – We are not outside as much and when we are the sun exposure is much less. The risk of low vitamin D is higher! Lacking in vitamin D can effect calcium absorption and among other things can affect your mood, sometimes creating depression. The skin especially the face has to deal with heating and cold winds which is very sensitising for the skin also the skin will be more scaly and flakey and itchy.

What Can Be Done? Get to your doctor to have a blood test to check your vitamin D levels and you may have to have a vitamin D supplement. You can have a light spray tan on this skin to make you feel better and look a little “warmer”. To help with the face skin have a facial with good exfoliation steps to remove the dehydrated top layers. The stimulation of blood flow will help to feed the skin and create some warmth and dewy skin.

Hair – In Winter we wear more and more leggings and tights so the hair can get ingrown more. The skin is also dryer and so this doesn’t help with the in-growns either.

What Can Be Done? 

Loofahing with the Riffi Mitt daily AGAINST the hair is the best preventative against in-growns all year long. We also recommend using a paraben free moisturiser with a hydroxy acid to lift the dead skin whilst moisturising. This will mean the hair will grow out at the same time eliminating hair growing inbetween growths too!