Laser Hair Removal

Did you know IPL hair removal is not permanent for fair hair? We have the solution!

With all the IPL LASER hair removal around, these days your better off having dark thick hair, at least then you can get some Laser/IPL and it’s gone forever!

As a red-head I unfortunately can’t just rely on Laser/IPL. I treated my underarms 20 times. The hair was definitely weaker, but not dead. Three months later it all crept back. My bikini line on the other hand had about 30% of hair that didn’t ever come back. This is because that hair was dark enough for the Laser/IPL to “see” the hair. But what about the remaining 70%?


The answer to the problem…

If you have had Laser/IPL hair removal and some of the hair was not dark enough, or none of your hair is dark enough, the answer is electrolysis multi probe.

Because of Laser/IPL, electrolysis hair removal is a dieing trade, however there is definitely a market for it! My underarms and bikini are completely hair free due to 7 months of electrolysis multi-probe. Otherwise known as body machine electrolysis.

How does electrolysis body machine (multi probe) work?

When the probe is inserted it automatically detects the moisture in the follicle and starts treating the hair, the probe sits up in the follicle because the wire that runs from the machine to the probe is extremely lightweight. This all means that while the hair is being treated we can put all 16 probes in one by one, once we have inserted the last probe the first probe is then ready to be taken out and the hair simply slides out of the follicle. Body machine electrolysis is different to single probe. With body machine the intensity strength is not as strong but it stays in the follicle for longer.


The pain?

Electrolysis, I can’t lie can be a little painful, but it is definitely bearable and when I think I won’t ever have a bikini hair problem like Miranda’s from Sex and the City 2, ever again, I’d go through the pain another 10 times for this result! Looking at the photo, it probably looks quite frightening because you generally associate pain with needles. However, in actual fact, the probe is inserted into the follicle, a natural opening in the skin so its not like a needle at all! It goes in where the hair comes out. And the current is turned down quite low so that it is actually quite tolerable. My trick is no tea or coffee a few hours before hand because of the caffeine! I actually did fall asleep one time because I was tired, so being relaxed helps!


So if your interested in a permanent hair removal solution then come in for a consultation so we can recommend the best option for you.