Electrolysis hair removal

Professional Electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis is the only method of removing hair permanently because as the picture shows, the probe is inserted to the root of the hair to kill the cells making that hair.

This fact has been recognised in the medical field and by the public for over one hundred years. Unwanted hair growth has been a problem for people throughout history. In 1875, an opthalmologist, Dr Charles E. Michel, discovered Electrolysis while removing an ingrown eyelash from a discomforted patient. His continued research into the safe use of electrical current for permanent hair removal helped Electrolysis to become the truly accepted profession it is today.

Superfluous hair is a very frustrating problem, which can create feelings of inferiority and other psychological handicaps. Since fashion acceptance of beauty or hand-someness today dictates a well groomed appearance a little planned forethought can bring out this “Better Side” of you.

Facial Hair

Chin,cheek and upper lip hairs are frequently so obvious that many women shave or tweeze every day to combat the growth. Over 75% of all women have some facial hair growth. Whether it is light and fuzzy or dark and course, excessive hair can create serious problems with one’s self image.


Can be heightened for those who have a low forehead or short face, and a widow’s peak can be made to look exciting. Raising the hairline at the back of the neck can slenderise the entire shape of the head.


Can be shaped permanently and done beautifully and fashionably. Today many women tweeze week after week to keep their eyebrows in constant shape. Why not have them shaped permanently into a natural line and relieve yourself of the inconvenience.

Arms and Underarms

Can be cleared with a minimum of effort. Today’s feminine look is one of soft hairless underarms. Removing underarm hair not only helps reduce the level of perspiration, but also inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odour. How simple it could be to have it permanently removed. For underarms we usually begin with a course of IPL hair removal.

Legs and Bikini Line

After a course of IPL Hair removal or if the hair is not dark enough for IPL to be effective, electrolysis can finish off strays and light hairs. Electrolysis can rid you of the task of shaving and having to put up with coarse stubble. You’d be surprised how soft and velvety hairless legs can be. And the result is 100% permanent hair removal.

Breast and Abdomen

These are areas where women think they are abnormal if they have any hair growth. This is not so. Most women do have hair on the breasts and the abdomen too and it can be cleared with ease. Unwanted hair can place a heavy emotional burden on a women. Electrolysis is the answer for this most distressing problem, leaving you to look forever feminine.


Many men each year have hair removed by an Electrologist. Today’s man is a well grommed individual who enjoys looking attractive.


Thinning or completely removing beards is common. Many men are amazed at how easy it is to shave a thinned beard. For those who prefer to wear a beard, why not have the cheek and neck areas permanently groomed to create a perfectly shaped beard with minimal care and no skin irritation.

Ingrown Hair

With nicks from a misdirected blade and sensitive skin, the hair on the face and neck are very susceptible to becoming ingrown. This can cause constant irritation and annoyance. Electrolysis is the best cure.

Back and Chest

Excessive hair on the back and chest is unattractive to some people. If this is a problem for you, eliminate the problem. Generally a course of IPL hair removal may be used first, however sometimes the hair is not dark enough for IPL to be effective and in this case the electrolysis multi probe is the best option.


Eyebrows and other untrimmed hair (for example, ears and nose) can look unsightly. Hairgrowth which continues over the bridge of the nose, or eyebrows that are bushy or too thick can create a scowling expression. Your Electrologist can tidy and reshape these areas permanently for a cleaner, neater look.