IPL Hair Removal – does it really work?

IPL has been around for quite some time now and I have been using it for around 8 years and just through listening to people and noticing certain patterns, I’ve realised how well it works for certain areas.IPL hair doncaster

Not all areas are the same. For example guys back and chest we find once they have done the standard 8 treatment (3 or 6 week apart) we find they should still do 1-2 maintenance treatments yearly, if they are over 40 years old this maintenance becomes less and less. One of my clients doesn’t do anything anymore.

Girls doing hormonal areas like chin will find they need to do electrolysis at the end or just keep maintaining regularly but it does end up  becoming ever 12 weeks for some and upper lip IPL hair removal after a while looks like nothing, very fluffy.

Girls doing legs bikini and underarms works very well. At the end of the 8 treatments you will still need to wax but the darker the hair and the lighter the skin tone the less you will have to wax!

Hormones are very much involved, clients with PCOS of Endometriosis i find go to 10 treatments for more effectiveness.

Obviously darker skin or the use of spray tanning throughout (which we do not advise) will make a difference to the result

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