Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovaries are generally larger/heavier than normal ovaries, they are more dense than normal and they have around the periphery many small cysts. It is because of a chemical and hormonal imbalance.


It is interesting to know that if you have PCOS ,being a syndrome, it is something that you always have, the symptoms are made less apparent when you’re weight is down and/or on medication but if you changed this the symptoms would come back.


PCOS is very much a dietary disease, in that if you cut out the carbs (sugar) and sugars in your diet, it will fix the problem!

The main issue is a lot of ladies think they are being good just because they cut out the white stuff we use in our tea and coffee or use to make sweets… I wish it was this easy! To give you an idea… my mum makes an amazing chow mein … I had recently cut out sugar (so was making absolutely everything from scratch including all sauces and salad dressings) Anyway I asked her what was in the chow mein and one ingredient was a cup-of-soup sachet/packet and so i looked at the ingredients and one if the first things on the list was sugar! So I gave her some of my home made chicken broth that I made, and it was just perfect! Still just as tasty. But how many of us cook a chicken broth and have time to do such things?! Well I have slowly over the last few years slowly progressively cut down on using anything from the supermarket. Due to being so good with my diet, i have stopped using metformin, which is diabetic medication – as PCOS is strongly linked to diabetes – funnily enough another epidemic which is simply diet related and yet we keep just medicating people!!

Now since being off sugar and metformin my skin has become much better and periods bang on.. My weight is also much better for it too!!

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