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Preparing perfectly for your IPL hair removal.

When considering IPL laser hair treatment so much thought, effort and planning goes into what actually happens DURING and AFTER the treatment, that a lot of people overlook preparing their skin and hair to get the best possible results from the very first treatment.

  • 1) The first point and perhaps one of the most important is to protect that area your wanting to treat from sun exposure for 6 weeks prior to your first treatment.
  • 2) Secondly, Start loofahing and moisturising daily. This will help your results by removing any dry skin and keeping it soft. Dry skin forms a barrier to the light used in IPL laser hair, ideally you want as much light as possible to penetrate easily into the skin. You will have to keep loofahing and moisturising throughout the course of your treatment anyway, so you might as well get into the habit early…
  • 3) If you currently wax the area to be treated it is best to wax 3 weeks before your first treatment is scheduled. This will remove any old, dry hairs that are sitting in the follicle. These hairs wouldn’t respond to treatment anyway as they are already past the viable stage for treatment. Now, instead of wasting energy from that first treatment on old hairs, it will all absorb into the new hairs that should just be growing through!
  • 4) If your a shaver however, its best to come in with a few days growth, your therapist will shave the area to be treated just prior to treatment. Then if any stubborn area’s don’t shift during the course of treatment, we will wax those small area’s just to help them along.
  • Following these simple steps can help you to achieve great results right from the very first treatment. For more information on achieving perfect ipl hair removal please contact us on 98524999.

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