Product of the Week

Product of the week! Rice Bran Polisher.

Over winter, our skin tends to build up layers of dry dead skin cells, due to the environment of constant heating and lack of proper exfoliation/care (we all tend to hibernate just a little bit, don’t we?).

Regular exfoliation can help remove this layer of cells and maintain a youthful appearance.

RICE BRAN POLISHER is a gentle, deep-cleaning exfoliant that reveals more luminous skin.
Natural fruit enzymes, beta-hydroxy acid, and rice-bran beads remove impurities and dead skin cells while aloe and other natural emollients nourish and refresh, leaving skin smoother, clearer, and more radiant.

Papain, a natural fruit enzyme, breaks down the bonds among keratin cells, which are then loosened by rice-bran beadlets. The loose cells bond to oat flour and rice-bran wax and are washed away as the softer, smoother skin below is revealed. During the exfoliating process, Rice Bran Polisher delivers additional moisture and nourishment to the skin with pure-plant extracts. Saponaria, and yucca provide natural cleansing properties, while aloe helps restore the skin’s pH balance. Whole-grape and green tea extracts offer powerful antioxidant protection.

The product is self-preserving (world’s first!!!) and has won an award as one of the top 10 highest selling cosmetic and skincare products in Victoria.

How to use: For best results, use this product 2-3 x per week. Apply a small amount to moist skin and work in a gentle circular motion, rinse with warm water. For a deeper exfoliation, work rice bran polisher into skin then jump in for your morning/evening shower, the steam created by the shower will activate the papain enzymes, allowing them to break down the dry skin more effectively. Work in the product once or twice during your shower, then rinse thoroughly. Sense’s Rice bran polisher retails for $32.