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September 2015 will see Sara celebrate her 7th year at Depskin and we are so glad she is part of the family. Starting out as a waxer back in the day she has climbed the ranks and has been trained by some of Depskin’s alumni, including Monika and Vera.

Sara originally boosted eyebrow and lash tinting services giving clients a lasting tint without the pain or ‘Groucho Marx’ look they had previously experienced. Then being taken under the wing guidance of Vera, Sara became well versed in the treatment of skin conditions and moved onto treatments using IPL to rejuvenate the skin and epidermal layers.Screen shot 2015-08-01 at 8.09.22 AM

In the last 5 years Sara has developed her IPL hair removal treatments and is results driven in her efforts for her clients. Constantly being asked when she is going to train in electrolysis to be able to finish off her hormonal clients needs, Sara has developed, along with her very loyal clients, a maintenance program for those few who are not ready for the amazing services of her collegues


I am delighted with the service I receive whenever I visit Depilation and Skincare.

Sara’s manner is cheerful and professional. She is always on time. I find her to be skilful when applying my lash and brow tint, and I’ve been having my lashes tinted for almost 40 years. I am always pleased with the results.

The most exquisite part of the whole process is the hand massage I receive while the tint is setting. I am so in love with that, I could go just for the massage. Thank you for looking after me so well.


I have been a client if Depskin for over 10 years and highly recommend it to people of all ages!

My mum first took me there as a 15 year old and I am now 26 and still a client. Over that time the staff have always been polite, professional and friendly, which is why I continue to return. Whether I am attending IPL with Sara or waxing with Nadia, I always receive exceptional treatment and greetings by all the staff. This along with their experience and professionalism definitely attributes to my long term commitment and choice to return to Depskin for my treatments.

Stella L


I had IPL done on my legs and glutes (full buttocks) 4 years ago and am extremely satisfied with my results. After 8 sessions I am left almost completely hair free with only very fine hair growing on areas where friction occurs from clothing, around the waist and on my thighs where pockets sit from jeans and shorts.

The treatment itself was significantly less painful then my previous monthly waxing routine, and not having to deal with the ingrown hairs that I had on my legs anymore was a massive relief as well. I have no hesitation in recommending IPL at Depskin to anyone who is considering it. I am now looking at treating my back and shoulders and then later on possibly my chest.

-Adam K

I have been at Depskin for about 10 years and have found the service amazing with any beautician you see, i had been getting waxed for about 8 years and found due to the darkness and ingrown hair issue i found that i was uncomfortable. After discussing the issue with the consultant i decide to try IPL i had a test session to see if it worked on my hair type and it was a success. I have found since having the IPL completed on my bikini line and underarms my ingrown hairs have gone and the skin is softer and cleaner and i feel more confided. I have now had my arms and legs completed with IPL and found the result was also great, i no longer own a razor YAY!!! The service still provide from Depskin is great and they we continue to monitor the growth of the hair after and provide a service to continue the hair reduction. Great team and service thank you