Shellac Nails

Shellac Nails

Shellac nails is a quick process that means your nails will look flawless for 2 weeks straight! You can be confident that they will not chip no matter what you throw at them!

shellac nails doncasterPerfect nails look glamorous even if you’re in ya hoody at the gym! There are so many different brands out there but we stick with the original as we’ve gone through different trials and suppliers and we just love Shellac.

If you have an event and just want a one off or want to continue on OR you might want to grow your nails? Our Depskin shellac nail therapist is so gentle when they are taken off you will not loose part of your nails. We do not drill into your nails, keeping the integrity of your nails looking fabulous and in tact! Maybe this is all you need to keep them natural and can continue on with manicures!

Depskin: Your Body, Your Beauty

Doncaster based shellac nails