Teen Skin – How to battle with teen skin?

This blog has everything a teenager needs to know to keep their skin healthy! Click on the highlighted links to get more info!

Teen Skin is definitely tricky because there’s a fine line between doing too much and doing too little. One thing’s for sure what we use on our skin can work either with us or against us.

When it comes to congestion building up, all we need to do is break it down so it doesn’t cause breakouts or blackheads. The way we do that? It’s all about hydroxy acids, the pacmen of skincare and definitely makeup that let’s your skin breathe!



  1. The first, most important step is a good cleansing routine. Products like moisturizers and serum applied on unclean skin will not work.
  2. gentle foamy cleanser is what is needed to break down oily and dirt. Make sure to cleanse twice at night, make-up or no make-up (think of the front of a car, how dirty that gets)! The first cleanse cleans the dirt or make-up and the 2nd cleanse cleans the actual skin!
  3. A cleanser with hydroxy acids (AHA and BHA) is more powerful to clean out the pores, removing dead skin and excess oil. AHA/BHA’s are a way of exfoliating without scrubbing the skin, they do their own thing they are like pacmen on the skin!


Exfoliating is a more intense cleanse which aims at removes the oily and dead skin which blocks the pores.

  1. There are 2 ways to do this:
  2. Mechanical: A gritty exfoliant is put on like a mask in the shower where the steam can activate the AHA and BHA’s that will soften the oil and dead skin. Leave on the skin while cleaning the rest of the body in the shower. At the end of the shower scrub the skin to loosen any particles and rinse.
  3. Chemical: Exfoliating with AHA’s and BHA’s is a chemical exfoliation. As mentioned before it eats up the dead skin and oil like pacmen! AHA’s and BHA’s can be in a cleanser or a scrub or one better aserum which is left on the skin.
  4. series of gentle peels are a great way to keep the skin turning over regularly and a great boost if the skin is gaining more and more congestion.


Vitamin A

  1. Vitamin A is fantastic for the skin because it pushes the skin up so breakouts come and go a lot quicker. It also makes the skin change into healthy skin. A lot of teenagers are on Roacutane, which is vitamin A that is taken internally.
  2. cosmeceutical strength Vitamin A serum is put on at night under a thin moisturiser. If the skin is really oily, you can put the serum on without the moisturizer.
  3. Vitamin A in conjunction with AHA’s and BHA’s are the ultimate for skin!
  4. Vitamin A is the fertilizer for skin and AHA/BHA is the rake with the dead leaves.


  1. The skin’s natural barrier can take a beating with all the congestion, this means the skin can’t fight against things that break it down, and it becomes vulnerable which means more redness and more pimples! To repair the skin we need to build and fortify the barrier.
  2. repair serum which is still thin so not greasy is perfect way of making the skin strong without using a thick moisturiser. It can be used on it’s own or under a thin moisturiser.


  1. Moisturising can be a problem with teen skin. Generally teenagers don’t like it because it causes breakouts. I agree! Mostly oily skin has it’s own natural moisturiser. We do need to put something on the skin though, otherwise the skin can produce more oil!
  2. Depending on the skin there’s different things we can do to moisturise:

Use a serum without a moisturiser.

Use a serum and then a thin moisturiser (+sunblock)

Use a serum and a thin sunblock

Use a serum and then Inika Mineral (with a thin moisturiser or Inika primer underneath)


Makeup can definitely work against us. These days there are so many mineral makeup’s on the market. Unfortunately because the Cosmetic industry is not regulated most mineral makeup’s have a long list of fillers and the actual mineral you’re paying for (mica and iron oxide) is at the bottom of the list!

Inika mineral is:

  1. Mica (mineral)
  2. Iron Oxide (mineral)
  3. Zinc Oxide (physical sunblock)
  4. Titanium Dioxide (physical sunblock)

A physical sunblock means the sun bounces back like a mirror, unlike chemical sunblocks that take in the UV and changes to heat.

The great thing about sunblock in a powder form is it’s not greasy, perfect for oily skin.

Inika mineral have a setting powder which is great to help the makeup stay on and for that oily skin shine.

Healthy Nutrition and flushing out the toxins.

A diet full of vitamins and minerals is fantastic, some teenagers benefit from a diet lower in dairy which can be sluggish on the digestive system which can reflect on the skin. Exercise helps to keep the circulatory system stimulated which feeds the skin cells, it also helps to detox as well as lots of water daily. Sometimes good nutrition is difficult to maintain for a teenager, Body Rox is especially made for teenagers. This helps keep the mind energised for late night studying, eratic diets and the skin with vitamin A, C and E and zinc just to name a few goodies to keep the skin healthy and strong.