The Microdermabrasion grains that we use.

Soothing Lavender – for sensitive skin and vascular condition

ideal for redness prone delicate skin types. Lavender is one of

the most versatile flowers with many therapeutic properties,

beneficial for all skin types, soothing and protecting against

environmental pollutants. Soothing Lavender gives an instant

glow to stressed, environmentally challenged skin.

Rejuvenating Rose – for wrinkle prone dehydrated skin, great

for resurfacing fine lines and wrinkles for all skin types. Rose is

one of the most beautiful flowers with many theraputic

properties. Provides a balancing effect to the skin, improves the

skin texture and gives a more even complexion. Its velvety

softness will help to restore and normalise the skin tone,

nourishing and allowing its radiance to show through as the skin

glows with softness and beauty.

Problem Skin Tea-Tree – for oily, acne prone skin conditions. Is

used for prevention of breakout as well as treatment. For all age

groups from younger oily prone skin to mid-life hormonal break

outs. Tea Tree is a well-known Australian plant with fresh

medicinal qualities to help treat problem skin, oily skin and acne

prone skin. Flower Peel Tea Tree is a natural preventative

treatment for all skin problems and will not dehydrate or remove

natural oils. Flower Peel Tea Tree will normalise the oil buildup,

soften blackheads and help clear congested skin.


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