Wedding Prep Part 1 – Red Vein Removal

So, as many of you know my wedding is coming up and like all brides-to-be I have begun to take that list of things that need to be done and started to make them into hard appointments, so as I look as uber perfect as possible. Now I am luckier then most brides-to-be as I have an amazing team of therapists at my fingertips and they all love me…..

But seriously, anyone who knows me knows that one of my pet hates is the sun damage to my chest. The by-product of many youthful summers spent in the sun and surf, combined with a lack of  sunscreen, thinking I am invincible. After treating this area with Mary and the IPL machine last year and getting some really great results (not only did we fix some of the redness, the pigmentation faded and the collagen production just firmed me up even more), however, I am still left with little broken capillaries that create a ‘red glow’, as I like to think of it. These are too little to be picked up with the IPL, but we offer diathermy (or red vein/capillary removal) for those little annoying ones. I had my first appointment with our lovely and very well experienced (25  years anyone), Christina, who asked me all of those questions that even as therapist we loathe to answer. ‘When was your last treatment?’ ‘How do you look after this part of your skin?’ ‘Do you wear a scarf over this area when driving?’ Knowing fully that my answers, especially for a skin therapist, were very lacking.

After the inital consultation, Christina had a look at my skin and picked out the most obvious veins and capillaries to treat for our first session. This treatment uses the fine wire probes from the electrolysis machine and applies direct heat to the area to ‘cauterise’ the blood flow. The results are instant and can I say, fabulous. There was a very small amount of swelling, almost like a mosquito bite, that was gone in less then 3 hours, and she can perform this treatment on any part of the body that you have broken capillaries or veins. After having the most effortless and painless treatment with Christina, I am doing a follow up treatment in 4 weeks on my décolletage and will start on the ones on my face.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my wedding prep countdown.