Hi, Electrolysis is dependent on time and how much hair is there, it also depends on how strong the current is. The higher the quicker it is to kill the hairs in less goes. It can take anywhere from 2-4 treatments on each hair that is done 6 week consecutively. As an example my bikini and underarm hair (which is red so not dark enough for IPL unfortunately) was finished in 2 hour sessions every 3 weekly for 7 months. If you have had laser and its just the remnants than it would take a lot less time :) Consults are free so give us a call when you're ready to start, big commitment for results but it's so worth it :) Mary

Hi Zahid, Definitely call the salon to book a complimentary consult with "Mary" as i do bother IPL/Laser and Electrolysis. Electrolysis is permanent (though may need IPL to weaken the hair so you end of doing WAY less electrolysis). Electro is generally 2-4treatments on each hair. For more info check out the blogs under electrolysis. Mary :)

Hi Melissa, We do not offer Swedish massage anymore. Our massage therapist Catherine Bird does do claims as you may know and she may do a lighter massage if you ask. If you would like to call her directly her number is: 0411 884 102 Or alternately call the salon for any other questions :) Mary

Hi Steven, Consultation is complimentary. Please call the salon 9852 4999, when ready to book :) Mary

Hi Lynn, Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I would say the best bet topically is using a loofah daily and AHA moisturiser. Hope that helps, of course try your best not to pick as the skin will accumulate more pigmentation and thickening of the skin which leads to more time for it to heal. Kinect, Mary

Hi if you would like we can give you a contact to call as we send people to a lady in st Kilda. Her name is Shelley Bledsloe 04000 42612 You can also look her up on google if you like, she has website and Facebook page Hope this helps! Kindest, Mary

Hi Amanda, Please call the salon to book a complimentary electrolysis/IPL consult! 9852 4999 We have the ability to use both or a blend of the both. We love galvanic but there are valid reasons why we wouldn't at all. Check out my blog on the topic: https://www.depskin.com/depilation-and-skin-cares-electrolysis-guidelines/ :) Kindest, Mary

Hi we sell our products in store, we don't unfortunately retail online/ post products! Were you interested in anything in particular, please email or call 9852 4999 mary@depskin.com We also do complimentary skin consults. Kindest, Mary

Hi John Pimples are bacteria infection in a follicle. Firstly cleasing twice at night is important and 30-60 secs each time and then face-washer in between. If you don't get a chance to do it at night then not problem, just do it twice in the morning. Keep this as a common practice so the oil and sweat and dead skin can freely flow from the body. Also no picking the skin too. Looking into limiting your wheat/gluten/yeast, dairy and sugar intake can be a very easy way to bring down the infection and the re-occurrence. If these things ar daily in your diet... Start to limit this to sporadically throughout the week. If you would like a complimentary skin consult call the salon 9852 4999 we can talk more. Even considering some aha cleansers and serums to keep the skin turnover frequently regular while the skin is purging. Hope this helps Kindest, Mary

Hi Adela, Unfortunately we do not sell O Cosmedics anymore, though we do carry some of their products so if you found it hard to get near you we may be able to help you out, otherwise O Cosmedics website may sell it to you though it would be better to look at your skin before you use it :) Kindest, Mary

Hi Grethal, We do not sell our products online, rather in store. If you would like to buy O Cosmedics online they may sell it from their own website. Sorry for the inconvenience, we just like to prescribe our products as not all skins are created equal and we feel it would be quite unprofessional to at least look at your skin before selling it. Hope this helps Kindest, Mary

Hi Jessica, It's really very bearable and is of course dependant from person to person. We offer complimentary consultations with test patch which we must do before starting to gauge you and your tolerance before starting. Most people who are nervous find it a lot easier than they think, generally the nervousness is just because of the Unknown! Also the results out weigh any pain if at all that is involved. Please call the salon 9852 4999 and have a look at our IPL blogs here: https://www.depskin.com/category/salon-secrets/laser-hair-removal/ Kindest, Mary