Our Booking Policy

At Depskin we greatly appreciate our clients and as a small business we know that without YOU there is no US.

As a small business, we rely on having our clients turn up to their booked appointments. Not only so that we can pay your favorite therapist, but also so that we can ensure that the salon can stay open and our bills paid.

When you miss your appointment or don’t give us enough notice that you are unable to attend your booking, it means that the time allocated for your services is a loss to our business and other clients that may have missed out.

To protect our loyal clients, our therapists and loss of business, we have had to adopt this policy to ensure we are able to continue to provide you with the quality and service you have continued to enjoy.

We understand that some circumstances may prevent you from being able to notify us in time and where possible we will accommodate your request to reschedule.
If you fail to cancel your appointment without providing us with a reasonable amount of notice, or fail to arrive at your appointment on one or more occassions, a 50% cancellation fee may be charged at your next service, or upon your future bookings.

We may use our discretion and waive terms and conditions where we deem necessary.