3 Tips for Eyebrow Shaping – Every Woman Should Know!

Do not over pluck… or Wax!

Honestly a lot of clients, clients sisters, therapists too are very guilty of over-plucking the area either when the eyebrows are in need of shaping or in-between scheduled waxes! – Best thing a therapist can do pre-wax is to get out a mirror and talk to you!



Use An Eyebrow pencil to fill in eyebrow gaps.

A lot of people don’t do this but it is the perfect tool to keep you from plucking hairs that look like they shouldn’t be there. Until the gaps fill in, it can look sparse and the hairs look out of place.

best eyebrow pencil


Yes there are some really bad tinting jobs. At Depskin we use tinting to enhance the brow not make you look like Groucho Marx! Tinting can make you look like you have the perfect eyebrow peaks!