• Electrolysis Christina is BACK!!

    The team at Depskin is extremely happy to announce that our beautiful team member Christina has returned, beautifully sun kissed from her trip to Greece. We are delighted to have her back, as i am sure you are too – she will be easing her way in to it, working shorter shifts to begin with. […] Read more

  • Electrolysis Quick, Easy…. Gone!

    Upper lip IPL is 4 flashes in one treatment of IPL and it all falls out … Well we do more than one treatment but it is the perfect treatment to do in the interim before electrolysis. Why? Because electrolysis is a progressively permanent treatment. It takes time and can only get a whole lip area […] Read more

  • Electrolysis Electrolysis hair removal… Why is 6 weekly regrowth SO SO important?!

    It’s all about your juice! Hair follicle juice that is! Yeah I hear ya, “EW Mary you’re gross!!” If you treat a hair successfully with electrolysis, in 6 weeks exactly (2-4 days either side of 6 weeks is ok) the follicle will be extremely moist and juicy! The method we use, (galvanic) turns ALL that […] Read more

  • Electrolysis Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    What is PCOS? Polycystic ovaries are generally larger/heavier than normal ovaries, they are more dense than normal and they have around the periphery many small cysts. It is because of a chemical and hormonal imbalance.   It is interesting to know that if you have PCOS ,being a syndrome, it is something that you always […] Read more

  • Electrolysis Achieving permanency with hair.

    Achieving permanent (WON’T GROW BACK EVEN WHEN YOU’RE 100 years OLD!) … hair removal is very easy with electrolysis as it is permanent hair removal. It can take time which is why a lot of people opt for IPL or laser hair removal.  We use IPL hair removal as in some cases like dark hair […] Read more

  • Electrolysis FAQ about electrolysis

    After getting off the phone today with a lady enquiring about electrolysis- it got me thinking about the questions that come  up consistently re:electrolysis. So here is a list of the FAQ about Electro and the answers too! Qn) Is Electrolysis suitable for all hair types? a) Yes! Electrolysis can be performed successfully on any […] Read more

  • Electrolysis Can all the hair be removed in one electrolysis session?

    Heres a question that we here very often: Can all the hair be removed in one session of electrolysis? A)     No, generally there may be more hair than a client is able to sit for (e.g. more hair than is able to be treated in one session) or there are hairs underneath the […] Read more

  • Electrolysis Electrolysis- removing unwanted facial hair.

    “My husband doesn’t know about my facial hair because i tweeze it every day!” “I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work for me. I have to shave twice a day just to keep it under control.” “No-one understands what I’m going through. All my confidence has gone and I can’t see any way out.” […] Read more

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