Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis- removing unwanted facial hair.

“My husband doesn’t know about my facial hair because i tweeze it every day!”

“I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work for me. I have to shave twice a day just to keep it under control.”

“No-one understands what I’m going through. All my confidence has gone and I can’t see any way out.”

We’ve heard all this over and over at the salon, and we know what you are going through because most of us have had the same problem!

Hormonal hair, especially growth on the face, is a very common problem.

This type of hair can be tough to the touch, like plastic toothbrush bristles. It is generally deeper and more strongly rooted than typical facial hair. The hair itself is sometimes not particularly thick, but the roots are very large which cause a noticeable shadow under the skin. Not surprisingly many sufferers pluck the hairs out to stop this shadow appearing, but sadly this can lead to ingrown hairs and damaged skin. A vicious circle then starts up where the sufferer can’t stop plucking, even though she knows it’s making her skin look worse.

Laser/IPL offers temporary relief, but again isn’t suitable for all, and in a small number of cases can trigger more hair growth*.

It’s likely you know about every hair removal method under the sun, and have tried almost all of them (including the dubious ones). You may even have started electrolysis but didn’t stick with it because it didn’t seem to be working. No wonder you feel angry, depressed, exasperated and just plain fed-up about your situation.

The only way to deal with a hormonal problem like hair growth is to cut it down into small, manageable steps. Instead of trying to ‘just get rid of it’ all in one go (which is just not a manageable approach) electrolysis correctly treats the problem by working with the hair growth, using it to prevent more hairs from growing. It won’t provide dramatic results in the first few weeks but if you stick with it then you’ll be left with permanent results and a real sense of achievement. As the beauty pioneer Helena Rubinstein once said, “Nothing worthwhile happens in a hurry.”

When you see the hair is truly not growing back you’ll feel in control once more.

And don’t worry, we can always IPL the rest of the hair growth to keep it under control until we reach it with the electrolysis.

For more information about permanent hair removal please give us a call at the salon on (03)98524999 or book in for a complimentary consultation so we can answer all of your questions.


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