• Facials Protein Shake for the Skin!

    Swap wrinkles and dullness for plump, healthy, bright complexions according to Professional Beauty Magazine. The creator or HydroPeptide, Dr Louise Peck PhD is an expert in peptide technology. 62 peptides at high levels drives this product. Studies have shown that peptides make skin 6.5 per cent thicker versus retinol (vitamin A)’s 4.5 per cent. If […] Read more

  • Facials Skincare Routine

    Keeping it simple is realistic! We all know life is so much busier and so 10 different steps which a lot of skincare products will advise, well I know I don’t have the time, do you!? I honestly think cleansing and a serum and moisturiser is perfect, if i’m lucky i’ll tone too! Sometimes i […] Read more

  • Facials Congestion or Acne on your Back?!

    Do you get breakouts on your back!? This is certainly not uncommon. Back facials are a fantastic way to really give the back a thorough cleanse, and also to exfoliate dead skin. During a back facial we will cleanse twice whilst steam is being omitted over the back, then we will exfoliate with a scrub […] Read more

  • Facials Skincare Facial Review Hydropeptide Anti-Age Facial

    This one is a real winner with clients, from the double peel, double mask or maybe it’s the massage all over the face, neck and shoulders… OR! Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so proactive on your skin! How about all of the above?! This relaxing ‘no downtime’ treatment infuses skin with the rejuvenating and […] Read more

  • Facials Are you paying yourself enough attention?

    Not having enough time is not a good enough excuse to NOT look after ourselves.  A quick office poll revealed that its been a while since a lot of people have paid attention to themselves and had a facial and we do this for a living. Facials aren’t a luxury but an investment in yourself, […] Read more

  • Facials The importance of cleansing the skin.

    Often people will use expensive products on the skin and honestly don’t cleanse. If you don’t have clean clear skin the product will find it hard to penetrate the skin. Cleansing and sunblock are the most important steps to a facial routine. Often I will get a facial client (who wants to buy a serum […] Read more

  • Facials How to Facial at home.

    Become an esthetician from the comfort and convenience of home with these facial tips borrowed from the pros. Follow these simple steps for a radiant complexion, whether the occasion is a special  night out or it’s time for your weekly home facial: Perfect Your Cleansing:   Begin with a treatment cleanser and brightening toner to dissolve traces of […] Read more

  • Facials Get a facial goal and solution!

    Facials How can ensure you have the best possible facial! Speaking to a qualified skincare therapist as to the direction you need to take, have they got a plan that fits you? Follow up, we need to see progress. This may mean follow up appointments with facials or a variance on the type of facial […] Read more

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