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  • Waxing Waxing Legs and Bikini and Underarms can mean hair will diminish over your lifetime!

    Have you got your wax timing right!? Generally 4consecutive waxes with the same amount of time in between (4 or 5 or 6 weekly) then you will find you will not have hair coming in between the waxes. This is because the cycles sync together! But it can definitely take around 3-4 consecutive waxes for this to […] Read more

  • Waxing Mens Back Waxing

    Guys there’s no need to hide away your backs during Summer! Be proud to show off your bare backs! Depskin know the tricks that other salons don’t, to prevent that pimply, irritating back that most men get post-back-wax! If you have thick hair on your back or even finer hair and you are getting an […] Read more

  • Waxing 3 Tips for Eyebrow Shaping – Every Woman Should Know!

    Do not over pluck… or Wax! Honestly a lot of clients, clients sisters, therapists too are very guilty of over-plucking the area either when the eyebrows are in need of shaping or in-between scheduled waxes! – Best thing a therapist can do pre-wax is to get out a mirror and talk to you!   Use […] Read more

  • Waxing It’s your time Guys! Mens Back Waxing!

    Here at Depskin we’ve heard it all from the fella’s about some really bad male waxing experiences. The main one is they break out in spots, lumps and itchy is the word of the day! We have the answer and we don’t back wax like most salons. Yes we wax as normal, unfortunately you don’t […] Read more

  • Waxing Dealing with Winter on your Hair and Skin?

    Skin – We are not outside as much and when we are the sun exposure is much less. The risk of low vitamin D is higher! Lacking in vitamin D can effect calcium absorption and among other things can affect your mood, sometimes creating depression. The skin especially the face has to deal with heating […] Read more

  • Waxing Eyebrow shaping.

    Eyebrow waxing is one of those treatments where people can often differ in opinion as yo how they should look but one things for sure they shouldn’t look like these below: Read more

  • Waxing What makes your waxing last?

    What makes your waxing last inbetween waxing cycles? Well if all the hair is pulled by the root!! How can this happen? Well all the hair needs to be at the right stage or length.. If a hair is held back and shorter because it is or has been ingrown this will be a problem, […] Read more

  • Waxing Ingrowns Waxing or Shaving?

    Some clients get in-growns even when they are shaving OR waxing! If the hair is cut with shaving it can almost dip below the skin surface and actually agitate the follicle opening, especially if it is a strong hair. Using a shaver that is new each time is so important. Water breeds bacteria. When you […] Read more

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