It’s your time Guys! Mens Back Waxing!

Here at Depskin we’ve heard it all from the fella’s about some really bad male waxing experiences. The main one is they break out in spots, lumps and itchy is the word of the day!

We have the answer and we don’t back wax like most salons. Yes we wax as normal, unfortunately you don’t get out of that but our pre and after care if quite different and when i say quite i mean REALLY different. But it means you won’t have the terrible sagas that keep you to only 1 wax a year pre Summer right?!

I had a male customer recently who told me, talking on another salon they were just terrible… and i thought time to set the record straight, it can be a lot to do with the therapist (our therapists all range around 10 years at least in the industry) and it can as mentioned have a lot to do with pre and aftercare (we don’t do the usual pre wax oils, after wax teatree oils and creams).

So next wax call Depskin! 9852 4999best waxing doncaster

Doncaster based Mens Male Waxing