Get a facial goal and solution!


How can ensure you have the best possible facial! Speaking to a qualified skincare therapist as to the direction you need to take, have they got a plan that fits you?

Follow up, we need to see progress. This may mean follow up appointments with facials or a variance on the type of facial prescribed or something else that may help in the process.. high frequency, microdermabrasion or the changes in facial proceedure. What the client is doing at home with skincare and makeup (the ingredients) but also lifestyle/medication/genetic/hormonal/medical influences so we have to have an important discussion as to what is going on. Often it is not just about the skincare and makeup.

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Good skincare though, will catch what is coming out from the body, it is a detox organ.. These days the best ingredients are able to change how the skin will move and flow and ultimately make it look it’s very best because the delivery systems into the skin are very advanced. So skincare must be correctly tailored to you!

The solution must be carefully thought so the plan reaches the goal step by step as the case may be.

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