FAQ about electrolysis

After getting off the phone today with a lady enquiring about electrolysis- it got me thinking about the questions that come  up consistently re:electrolysis. So here is a list of the FAQ about Electro and the answers too!

Qn) Is Electrolysis suitable for all hair types?

a) Yes! Electrolysis can be performed successfully on any hair type. Thick, thin, light, dark or even red. It can be performed on most parts of the body including upper lip, chin, neck, sides of the face, low hair line, thick eyebrows, between the brows, eyebrow shaping, arms, underarms, between the breasts, around the nipples, legs, thighs, bikini line, abdomen, back and shoulders, fingers and toes. We can even treat large ares of the body with our multi-probe body machine.

Qn) Is electrolysis permanent?

a) Yes, Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. However to achieve 100% permanency the appointment schedule must be followed properly, allowing each growth of hair to be treated while in the correct stage of growth. Depskin electrolysis guidelines blog

Qn) Does electrolysis hurt?

a)Electrolysis hair removal is not generally too painful although there may be some slight discomfort and occasionally a feeling of heat for a short time. Varying pain degrees depends, some people have been known to fall asleep on ultra high currents. So pain thresholds to definitely come into play. The results are definitely always worth it! We are happy to let know the secrets to a less painful treatment.

Qn) What are the after effects on the skin?

There may also be a slight redness and hiving which settles down quickly. Some clients get a tiny freckle size scab at the follicle which flakes off easily over a few days after treatment. Specially formulated soothing lotions and tinted antiseptics are available for use after treatment.  Your electrologist will work with you during your treatment to determine a current that is not so high that it is unbearable, while also ensuring that it is high enough to efficiently yield a result.

Qn) How much does electrolysis cost?

a) Electrolysis appointments are charged by time and how long you will need to clear an area will depend on a few factors- how dense the growth is and how high the current is. For example- The higher the current, the quicker each individual hair will die- leading to quicker clearance of an area. Also- An area with a very dense growth of hair will take longer to clear than an area with only light coverage, because the hairs are each treated individually. Our prices are available here.

Qn) How many sessions do i need to have?

a) To get rid of a single hair permanently, that hair needs to be treated up to 4 times at a regular interval of 6 weeks. (Depskin electrolysis guidelines blog) The amount of sessions you will need to clear an area is determined by many factors including- how often you come in, how long each session is for, how high the current is, how dense the growth is. This is a question that can be best explained by one of the electrologists when you visit for your initial consultation.

Qn) Why not IPL instead?

a) IPL is an amazing revolution in hair removal for the right type of hair. IPL on hormonal areas (face, breast and belly) will weaken the hair if it it thick, the hair will be fluffy but will develop again slowly but surely. IPL on fluffy hair that is hormonal will actually stimulate the hair. Electrolysis will kill the fluffy hair completely.

IPL on hair that is terminal (legs, underarm, bikini) will permanently kill off hair that is dark enough and in the right stage of growth so timing is everything. IPL will not kill all of the hair, the % of hair that returns depends on varying factors –  if it is slightly too light, skin is darker, sweaty areas, hormonal influences, medication.. Electrolysis will kill any hair that comes through after the IPL sessions are finished.

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