Electrolysis hair removal… Why is 6 weekly regrowth SO SO important?!

It’s all about your juice! Hair follicle juice that is!

Yeah I hear ya, “EW Mary you’re gross!!”

If you treat a hair successfully with electrolysis, in 6 weeks exactly (2-4 days either side of 6 weeks is ok) the follicle will be extremely moist and juicy!

The method we use, (galvanic) turns ALL that moisture into sodium hydroxide.

THAT is what kills the hair! 

We mean complete permanent hair removal!

A good 24 hours after treatment that sodium hydroxide is still working on killing the cells and blood supply to the hair! Much better than heat method electrolysis which just heats up the follicle and it cools down soon after. We ONLY do a blend of galvanic and heat if we’re doing hair for the first time and it is a dry follicle hair! Click here for our blog on electrolysis methods. This is why IPL hair removal will only weaken hormonal hair, it is quite like the heat method of electrolysis. Not to get confused with terminal hair (legs, bikini, underarms and arms) which, if dark enough will die with IPL alone.

With Electrolysis, hair can take anywhere from 2-4 treatments at 6 weeks apart to kill it off for good.

A lot of clients do quite a few growths in between the 6 week period. (So they’re coming weekly or fornightly or 3 weekly – always a multiple of 6 see!)

The thing to remember is if you have 25 mins done, there will be 25 mins regrowth in 6 weeks. (You can do it in 7 weeks or 47 weeks, but it will be a dry follicle because your past the 6 weekly “window of opportunity”. So…. you have to treat again to get it back to the juicy moist follicle (in when?! 6 weeks of course!!) The lesson in this!? If you have electrolysis hair removal at Depskin as soon as you get off that bed, book a 6 weeker appointment!

Soon enough the hairs die off and you can either move onto other areas or if all the hair has been done we diminish the time down. 55mins every 6 weeks becomes 40 mins and then 25 mins… and then 10!! At this point, we will have killed a certain percent of hair in that area. That hair will never return. Keep in mind the hair left behind will develop over time. This is why we encourage customers to go nearly bald, especially highly hormonal areas like edge of lip and chin areas.

Killing off hair for good is the aim of Depskin, it’s what we do and we do a tonne of it! Call for a free consult today!

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