Laser Hair Removal

Achieving permanency with hair.

Achieving permanent hair removal is very easy with electrolysis. It is the only method of hair removal proven to be 100% permanent when treatments are performed correctly. As the treatment is performed hair by hair, the time it takes to completely clear an area of  growth can vary greatly depending on density of hair and the current that is being used to perform the treatment but we also have many options to reduce growth first.

Depending on the colour and thickness of the hair, IPL hair removal can be very successful at reducing the amount of hair present. However, in the case of light hair or even dark hair on face which is hormonal will always require electrolysis in the end. Often the best option here is use IPL hair removal as a stepping stone to electrolysis, which will then provide 100% permanency.

To treat hair successfully with either option, the timing between appointments is crucial to achieving results. For more information or to book in for a complimentary consultation, please call us at the salon