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Red Vein Removal

Red Vein Removal

The removal of broken red veins on the face is so easy.

Depending on the severity of the broken rev veins depends on how we will treat them.

Generally we will break them down with the use of IPL Rejuvenation. This takes 4 treatments (3-4 weeks apart).  Then we would wait 3 months because the IPL Rejuvenation will keep working, breaking down the blood vessels for 3 months after the last IPL treatment.

Any little broken veins that are left behind, we will do diathermy  on (or otherwise known as red vein removal).

Sometimes a client does not do IPL Rejuvenation first because it is not needed, sometimes we will start with the diathermy straight away. This will be 2-3 treatments about 3 weeks apart.

IPL Rejuvenation, has more benefits than just removing broken veins  – it can also remove pigmentation and plump up the collagen in the skin.