Easy effective ways to keep your skin plump!

Collagen in the skin is like the cushiony part of a mattress, it makes your skin plump and fluffy, which means it will sit up and out rather than down and flat. Healthy skin is about 75% collagen. Poor and impaired collagen leads to hollows or wrinkles  or stretch marks in the skin.

These days there’s so many easy and yet very advanced ways to prevent collagen breakdown and also do the opposite – stimulate the collagen! Not just products but also treatment procedures that really show a difference!

IPL Rejuvenation is fantastic for Collagen.

Laser-IPL treatment uses a pulse of light that is emitted into the skin and targets sun spots and broken capillaries. Apart from this the skin will take on a more even skin tone and texture. IPL also boosts your collagen, which helps with fine lines and pore size.

The collagen will be stimulated by 42% in one treatment.



Combat free radical damage, free radicals break down collagen! All you need to add into your regimen is antioxidants.

The trick is not weak antioxidants that are at the end of the list of ingredients but strong antioxidants that really gets ahead for your skin and takes control of the situation!

The maker of Environ, which is from South Africa, has said that free radical damage (at their level in the world – the same as here in Melbourne) is as bad on the skin as the sun is! That’s a big call not to do something about it!

Combat the sun = SPF. Combat free radicals = antioxidants. Simple!

Antioxidants these days not only combat the free radical but some very smart engineered antioxidants can even change the rogue free radical molecule into oxygen which the skin can use.

Different Antioxidants:

Vitamin C – especially strong vitamin C powder is fantastic mixed in with your moisturiser in the morning. The skin needs to be weened onto vitamin C in this form, and expect a little tingling and flushed skin. Helps with collagen synthesis.

Vitamin A – Yes also an antioxidant – on top of this able to increase skin turnover and rectify damaged DNA in cells, which means the skin will funtion like new skin again.

Resveratrol – this is from red wine! This is more than just a fabulous antioxidant.

Snap – Snap 8 is a peptide that helps collagen synthesis

SPF for anti-aging – Sunblock combats the sun which breaks down the collagen, also zinc oxide in good quality sunblocks (which can be really light these days) helps to the synthesis of collagen.

Skin Peels –

Skin peels alone can stimulate collagen, it’s the stimulation of the skin on the surface that stimulates the skin underneath. They also stimulate the skin turnover so the skin is noticeably fresher and smoother. Benefits of a peel? click here

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