Laser IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Discount IPL = Discounted and disastrous outcomes!

We have some stories that will shock you and make you think again before booking IPL with those discount websites…

There has been a sudden surge in discount websites offering extremely high discounts on apparently high-end treatments.

Unfortunately a discount of 80% (and over) on IPL Hair Removal or IPL Rejuvenation makes me question not only the service but also the expertise that is offered. There are no quality control checks in place. This discount don’t forget, does not include the percentage taken by the specific website company. Whilst offering a discount as high as this margins would also not be met.

With high discounts come shortcuts with high risk. The service and expertise would surely have to falter.

The hair removal requires a certain amount of treatments spaced out. When a huge amount of people, anywhere up to 1000, are all trying to book their appointments within the 6 month expiry, with a particular salon with a certain amount of staff, something has got to give, not to mention they sometimes have a restriction on the times you can book!

Speedy rushed IPL Rejuvenation on certain setting will have very little to no effect of the plumping of the collagen and more importantly, not effect the particular chromosomes within the skin like broken capillaries and pigmentation. On the other end, if they are too high they can burn the client. Rejuvenation also requires added preparation, which can make the treatment far more effective.

Nothing compares to an advanced quality IPL machine with the knowledge to back it. We have unfortunately recently had more and more people coming into our salons who have been elsewhere and had terrible outcomes. Not to mention all those terrible A Current Affair stories.

Here are some we have come into contact with…

We had a male customer come in who had been for IPL for hair removal on his arms, they had NOT treated more area than what they had treated, there were blocks of hair that were gone, the rest was hairy. He asked me is this normal?!

We had a lady who had IPL Rejuvenation elsewhere, they treated so close to her eyebrows, she now has very sparse eye brows, this hair is terminal, not hormonal and will therefore never grow back.

More recently we had a lady who had her décolletage treated and she had blistered, not to mention she’s just about to go on holiday to a hot climate.

We encourage customers to do your homework, don’t accept what these salons offer, the risks are not worth it!

In researching for this blog I noticed this is not the only industry that is having problems, the travel industry had a terrible story.

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