Laser Hair Removal

Permanent Facial Hair Removal

There are a myriad of ways to remove hair on the face… we all know that! The question is:

What is the BEST way?!

Some methods are terrible and will only cause more problems… We here at Depskin know what you should and should not do! Read on…


First you need to know one thing:

  • Eyebrow hair is terminal
  • Chin, lip, sides, cheeks and sides are hormonal.

FACT: If you wax (and loofah) terminal hair (eyebrows, legs, bikini and underarms) the hair will get better. If you wax hormonal hair (facial, breast and stomach) it has a high chance to get worse as the wax stimulates the hair.

Waxing/Threading or Plucking

With this in mind, waxing/threading facial hair (except for eyebrows) is NOT a good idea… Neither is plucking although plucking is better than waxing which is essentially mass plucking!

If you find you must wax then the best thing for you to do, is use a nail brush/toothbrush and brush the skin against the hair growth – this will stop ingrowns forming which is actually the main reason why the hair will be stimulated.

Click here for more information on waxing.

IPL Hair removal

IPL hair removal on hormonal hair on the face will ONLY weaken the hair, so if the hair has been made stronger by stimulating with plucking/waxing then we do use IPL as a stepping stone to electrolysis. IPL hair removal is a very effective way to soften and weaken stronger darker hormonal hairs.

In some cases we will do a course of IPL (around 4-6 treatments) and then instead of doing electrolysis, our clients have the opportunity of doing on-going IPL to keep the hair back and mame it! Remember IPL will NOT kill the hormonal hair completely only weaken it. 3 months after your last IPL session all the hair will definitely come  back if you don’t follow it up with electrolysis treatments, but it will be extremely weak!

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Electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis is ultimately the best treatment as it will treat dark hair or fair hair. Electrolysis will also kill the hair permanently!! That’s not to say, you do one treatment and it’s done forever… Generally to kill the hair on the face will take about 1-2 treatments on the same hair (exactly 6 weeks apart) after IPL and without IPL it will take 4 treatments (6 weeks apart). Once the hair is treated with electrolysis the hair is dead forever!

Depending on how much hair you have depends on whether you come 6 weekly (one growth) or even 3 weekly, 2 weekly or weekly.

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