Product of the week – THE RIFFI MITT!


When i sat down today to write “product of the week” this week, it suddenly dawned on me that I had forgotten the most IMPORTANT product of all that we stock here at Depilation and Skin Care…

The Mitt!

We have stocked the Original Riffi “massage” mitt for around 16 years now and it is the most recommended product of all those that we keep.

In the words of Monika, who has been titled ‘A Legend’ by many of our clients:

An amazing “revolution” has developed in the realisation that by a little effort and time put into exfoliating daily with a specially designed massage mitt, the ingrown hair will be a curse of the past. Scrubbing in one direction, only towards the heart, all dead skin will be exfoliated and the hair has an exit through the skin, making it finer each time you wax and the more you scrub.

Using the correct technique, not only will you be rid of ingrown hairs, you will have no dry skin, no itching and eventually the hairs would actually DISAPPEAR!

To achieve these fantastic results, it is essential that you only exfoliate against the growth of the hair, not in circles or up and down.

Not only essential for waxing, it is a ‘must do’ for people who are having IPL hair removal as it keeps the skin free of dryness and helps the hair to shed.

It is crucial for your skin that you do this correctly.

Talk to our staff who truly understand the “magic of the mitt”

The Riffi mitt is $20 and will last you for one year, so what are you waiting for?

Find more information on Depilation and Skin Care’s “Magic of the mitt“.