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Red face? Red vein removal!

Diathermy (also known as red vein removal or fine wire diathermy) on the face is very easy to do.

We use our electrolysis machine and insert the fine probe into the skin about 2mm deep using the galvanic current so it does not mark the skin, once it is inserted into the tiny blood vessel, we put the heat on, this coagulates the blood and dries it up right in front of your eyes.

When you leave the skin will be a little swollen, like a hiving effect on the skin for about 1-4 hours. Over the next couple of days the skin will form tiny little scabs and will flake off in 2 days at the most.

Once the skin has healed you will see no main blood vessel there, there may, however be a few specs of capillaries left and this is why a second and sometimes third treatment may be required.


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