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Red Vein Removal

Red Vein – before, during and after!

Red vein removal can be achieved with a combination of IPL and diathermy.

Diathermy is suitable for a small portion of red veins on skin which are not suitable for IPL (skin is too dark) or if you want treatment in the height of summer which is not always safe for IPL. We can often treat using IPL first (which also treats pigmentation and plumps the collagen) and then use diathermy to completely rid the skin of any little capillaries left behind.

Diathermy uses a very low galvanic current to pierce the skin and then a flicker of heat to dry up the blood, instantly the tiny vessel dries and pulses the blood down and the client is left with no capillary.
This picture above is a chin, never been worked on before. The AFTER shot is exactly straight after treatment, the skin swells and looks light, but settles back and looks like perfectly even skin tone!
For approx 2 days teeny little scabs will form which easily heal with antiseptic cream.
Once the skin has healed you will see no main blood vessel there, however, there may be a few specs of capillaries left and this is why a second and sometimes a third treatment may be required. Some clients just do the diathermy only, as they have a few little capillaries around the nose, cheeks and chin. The IPL will fix other  skin problems like pigmentation and boost the collagen.