Slow down aging + Stimulate your collagen production by 42% in one treatment!?

Pigmentation before

IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation works by penetrating deeply into the skin to stimulate new collagen growth and to promote the shedding of damaged tissue. Independent clinical research has shown that treatment with IPL at low energies can increase collagen production by 42% in one treatment!

This often helps boost the skin’s regenerative processes, meaning the skin turnover which slows down with age will be given a good boot. On top of this, the skin barrier will become stronger and healthier therefore able to fight infection and free radical damage which means improved skin tonal variation and less redness.

Pigmentation after.

Skin layers underneath damaged, acne-prone skin or pigmented sun-damaged skin will improve over the 4 months of IPL treatments. We find that 3 months on from the last treatment the skin is still being stimulated and the pigment and capillaries still keep on breaking down. The benefits and result apart from getting rid of pigmentation and capillaries, are therefore multiplied and ongoing. Another added bonus of this treatment is the smoother texture of the skin.

How do you keep the result for a longer period?

We always recommend a particular skin care routine, full ofantioxidantshydroxy acids and vitamin A to help achieve a better result. Vitamin A and hydroxy acids will keep your skin texture even and keep the momentum of the skin turnover in between treatments. Preferably a strong Vitamin A can also reverse sun damage because it helps to make the skin make like new skin again.

Antioxidants are as important as a sunblock because they stop stop free radicals breaking down the skin (just like sunblock stops the sun doing the same thing!) We have serums and we also have vitamin C powder which is a double bonus of antioxidant and a natural skin lightener, fantastic for pigmentation.


sunblock high in zinc is fundamental to pigment, which can pop up from just 30 minutes in the sun, zinc also aids in healing the skin.