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Body Machine Electrolysis

If you’re looking for permanent hair removal on large areas of growth that may not be suitable for IPL hair removal or have scattered hair leftover from other treatment methods, we have the answer.

Depilation and Skin Care is proud to offer you a permanent solution in the form of our multi-probe electrolysis machine.

Body Machine Electrolysis AustraliaHearing the word ‘electrolysis’ may conjure up images of painful treatments and appointments drawn out over several years but here at Depskin we pride ourselves on providing the very best treatments, performed by our experienced therapists who love delivering results!

Our Multiprobe body machine is suitable for treating larger areas like underarms, bikini, neck, back, legs and in fact the whole body.

16 probes are used in synchronicity using galvanic current in a way that is more effective than single needle and is more tolerable. And because the probe stays in the follicle for longer than single needle the results are faster and 100% permanent.

Your experience with body machine starts with a 30 minute consultation which allows your therapist time to get to know you and discuss the following-

  • Health concerns
  • Previous methods of hair removal
  • Examination of the area to be treated and the type of hair
  • Treatment plan and Timing of appointments
  • Aftercare of the area and salon policies

We will then schedule your first appointment and you are on your way to becoming hair free!


Consultation cost is $50, which is redeemable off your first treatment.