Revolutionary Riffi Mitt – For After Care Waxing

The Shaving Rash/ Ingrown Hair problem occurs in BOTH men and women when the hair is removed through waxing, shaving, hair removal creams and tweezing. The Ingrown Hair or Shaving Rash problem can occur in women on the bikini line, under arm, leg, etc. and on men’s faces, beards, shoulders, back and chest.

In search of that smooth hairless look the hair is usually removed in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION to the growth of the hair. This is called AGAINST THE GRAIN. Removing the hair AGAINST THE GRAIN significantly contributes to the Ingrown Hair or Shaving Rash problem. This method breaks the hair just below the skin line causing the hair to grow under the skin.

The sharp end of the hair causes much discomfort as it agitates the mouth of the follicle which results in the itching sensation. Scratching agitates the area further and introduces bacteria causing inflammation which result in ‘bumps’.

An amazing “revolution” has developed in the realisation that by a little effort and time put into exfoliating daily with an especially designed massage mitt, the ingrown hair will be a curse of the past. Daily moisturizing will keep the skin supple. Scrubbing in one direction towards the heart, all dead skin will be exfoliated and the hair has an exit through the skin, making it finer each time you wax and the more you scrub. Talk to our staff who truly understand the “magic of the mitt”.

Waxing Pricelist *

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    • ItemPrice*
    • Full Leg $-
    • 3/4 Leg$-
    • Top 1/2 Leg$-
    • 1/2 Leg$-
    • ItemPrice*
    • Full Leg & Bikini Line $-
    • 3/4 Leg & Bikini Line$-
    • Top 1/2 Leg & Bikini Line$-
    • 1/2 Leg & Bikini Line$-
    • ItemPrice*
    • Full Arms$-
    • 3/4 Arms$-
    • 1/2 Arms$-
    • Under Arms$-
    • ItemPrice*
    • Full Leg & Brazilian$-
    • 3/4 Leg and Brazilian$-
    • Top 1/2 Leg & Brazilian$-
    • 1/2 Leg & Brazillian$-
    • ItemPrice*
    • Eyebrows$-
    • Eyebrow & U/Lip$-
    • ItemPrice*
    • Bikini Line $-
    • Brazillian$-
    • Buttocks$-
    • BOL or Thigh$-

Mens Waxing also Available. 

    • ItemPrice*
    • Back or Chest $-
    • Leg Wax $-
    • Shoulders & 1/4 Top Arms $-

Please note: Prices subject to change without notice.